Analogues of drugs in the US and Canada. Comparison of medications

Many residents of the EUROPE countries upon arrival ask themselves the question: what are the analogues of drugs in the USA and Canada? There are many retail pharmacies in Canada and the USA, many of us are already familiar with Shoppers Drug Mart, which is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada.

Drug Mart and Pharmaprix and other pharmacies

Today, this network includes Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix and other pharmacies. The second largest pharmacy chain in Canada is Rexall, it includes about 1 thousand pharmacies under various names. And the third network is also known to many by the London Drugs. Also, one of the cheapest pharmacies are in the Superstore and Costco. But still, the name “drugstore” (in the translation “pharmacy”) does not mean that it is a familiar pharmacy of our type. In Canada, this is a huge supermarket, which presents products, and household chemicals, electronics, and of course the medicines themselves. In addition to the simplest medications, you can buy prescription drugs, but strictly according to the prescription of your doctor.

How to buy prescription medicine?

How to buy prescription medicine? Many of our fellow citizens, coming to Canada, are faced with the problem of buying our usual medicines. Most of us, coming to the domestic pharmacy directly bought various antibiotics, painkillers or other serious drugs, in consultation with the pharmacist, and not with a doctor. After all, if you take 10 different packages of antibiotics for colds (different manufacturers) and carefully examine the composition, you can easily find similarities in all of them. This is especially true of the main active ingredient. After reading this, we can easily buy antibiotics in pharmacies. But in Canada, things are fundamentally different with the purchase of serious drugs. No pharmacist will make you a medicine without a prescription from your doctor. The reason for this is the inaccessibility of buying heavy medicines from children, adolescents, people with mental disorders, etc. Thus, the Canadian government reduces the mortality rate and the number of life-threatening diseases in the country.

Prescribed by a family doctor or another doctor

Usually, the prescription is prescribed by a family doctor or another doctor. The recipe is printed out on the printer and on the resulting sheet, along with the name of the medicine, there is your personal information and the required dosage – the patient’s data (name, address, telephone number); these medicines (daily dose, total dose). Prices for prescription drugs in pharmacies are not listed. All you have to do is give the prescription to the pharmacist, and the prescribed medications are selected in a short time. The waiting time the patient receives something like a clock or pager. When your order is ready, this device emits a signal, after which you can pay for your medicine on hand. When you pay for the order, you will have to go to the pharmacist, who will tell you how to take the medicine, and only after that the patient will be given a purchase. If your doctor has prescribed pills for you, they will be placed in a special jar, where it will be indicated in what quantity and when to take the medicine. As a rule, the instruction is given separately to the buyer. In addition, the pill will be exactly as your doctor prescribed you.

In Canada, there is a special service for people with chronic diseases who are constantly forced to take medicine. This service constantly reminds patients to buy the next batch of medication. The prescription for such medicines is prescribed by the doctor once a year, but the supply of drugs is carried out in certain portions. You can buy some painkillers and antipyretics, cough medicines, nasal sprays, vitamins, remedies for constipation, diarrhea, and motion sickness in transport in Canadian pharmacies. , as well as vitamins, first aid for minor injuries, burns and cuts, bandages, patches for smoking and slimming, etc. Antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, psychotropic drugs, hormonal pills and THER drugs dispensed by prescription only strictly.

P.S Before using drugs, consult with your doctor or read the instructions for use. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information, as the information collected by our website is based on a survey of people and our personal experience. Do not forget that each of us is individual, and each person has tolerance / intolerance to certain substances and drugs. Be healthy!



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    Analogues of drugs in the US and Canada. Comparison of medications

    Many residents of the EUROPE countries upon arrival ask themselves the question: what are the analogues of drugs in the USA …