Tips for hiring travel insurance to the US

travel insurance

Before entering American territory, one of the most important recommendations is to take out travel insurance to the US. When planning a getaway, it is rarely thought that a health problem may arise that requires medical assistance, although it is best to put yourself in the worst case to keep possible unforeseen events under control.

Health in the United States is totally private, so going to a medical consultation costs approximately 150 dollars and being treated for emergencies can reach up to 1,000 dollars. In some cases, the possibility of advancing the return to be treated in Spain can be considered, but in case of suffering an accident or suffering from appendicitis, there is no choice but to be treated at a local medical center.

Choose the best insurance to travel to the United States

insurance to travel

One of the main recommendations when choosing travel insurance to the US is based on opting for a policy that offers the most comprehensive medical coverage. In this way, in case of suffering an unexpected illness or an accident during your stay in this country, you can have the most complete protection, without having to advance money for the treatment received.

This coverage, in addition to including medical assistance due to illness or accident, should also include the extension of the stay if necessary, as well as repatriation, along with the displacement and accommodation of an accompanying person. It should be borne in mind that the services of an insurance company may change over time, so it is important to take this aspect into account when contracting.

Other tips that should be considered to opt for travel insurance to the US are:

Since suffering an illness or an accident during the holidays is a serious setback, the insurer must provide all possible contact information in order to receive accurate assistance as soon as possible.

According to the policy of some companies, the insured must advance the money from the medical service and request reimbursement later. This is a very important factor to choose an insurance, since the most advisable thing is not to have to worry about the economic plane, but simply to request the assistance when it is needed.

It is essential that customer service is in the native language, since, although English is handled perfectly, it is always more reassuring to explain what is happening and receive a solution in the mother tongue.

Transparency must be key when hiring travel insurance to the United States. Therefore, it is important that all the clauses of the policy are well explained, as well as the forms of payment and the extension of the coverage.

Do not forget that, although health care is the most important factor, travel insurance must also cover other types of situations, such as lost or stolen luggage, delays in leaving the plane or overbooking cases, the anticipated return due to death or hospitalization of a family member, the management of cash delivery abroad, travel cancellation expenses or private civil liability, among others.

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