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Work as a nurse in Canada: how to become, how much it costs and what salary

Many immigrants are interested in working as a nurse in Canada. However, starting to study the information, it is difficult to find certain specifics. Is it possible to confirm the diploma of a nurse in Canada? How much will the training cost? What is the duration of training? What positions and salaries can be expected? Alexa Franciss, program advisor at Vancouver’s popular medical college at Stenberg College, gave us answers to all the most popular questions.
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Canada’s health care system is not perfect, but it works.

Canada’s health care system is not perfect, but it works. And most importantly, it works efficiently.

There is a stormy discussion about the future of medical reform – it has both passionate supporters and categorical opponents. But everyone agrees that we must follow the developed countries here. What in practice is the medicine we are dreaming of – Europes who live abroad and know about it not from the rumors will tell.

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It’s time to treat babies in a European way

The other day, a conference of pediatricians called the West meets the East: pediatric practices in the public health system was held in Toronto. She was devoted to the rules of evidence-based medicine, new standards and old errors in pediatrics. Similar UAP conferences have already been held in Toronto, Vinnitsa and Ivano-Frankivsk – in this way, medical activists are trying to create a developing pediatric community, to unite doctors who want to get acquainted with the best international experience and improve their level of knowledge.

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How much does medical assistance cost in the US?

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Tips for hiring travel insurance to the US

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Analogues of drugs in the US and Canada. Comparison of medications

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